These rockers have grown since their last effort and have the rewards to show for it. Recently they toured with Grinspoon and supported Aerosmith on their recent tour. The band make it very clear what they are about from the get go with guitars on full distortion and drums driving their way through the songs underneath a vocal that yells and screams to be let run wild. This deluxe is an 8 track offering combining tracks from the original ‘Change of Heart’ EP coupled with indie rock anthem “She’s My Baby’ and “Yeah, Go Die”. Its simple bluesy rock and roll, no more, no less. With elements of 80’s heavy metal, modern punk and the dirty rock of ACDC and newcomers ‘Airborne’, I see good things in their future.

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Slowly building out of the silence, with an INXS or ‘The Cure’ like breathy vocal, comes the ethereal rock of Hailer into my headphones. I immediately hear modern rockers like British India in their delivery and harmonies but not the urgency and visceral message. I wanted the first track to rock harder than it did but I soldiered on to the ensuing tracks.
Track three ‘’Anyway I Can’ is where the album finally comes to life for me. With the driving snare beat and jangly guitars accompanied by a catchy chorus, I heard a ready to go radio single. Whilst the rest of the album doesn’t generally follow suit, it doesn’t really have to.
These guys show an ability to move from atmospheric (Spooky Clams) to pop rock (Anyway I Can) to raw power (Blue Star, Postcards) and even acoustic on later track ‘Bright Lights’. Generally it is very well done and I imagine that these guys really engage a live audience.
An excellent follow up to their 2010 debut ‘Good Canyon’. Check it out.

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A driving bass and guitar ostinato introduces the summer sounds of Splashh. This mix of Aussies, Kiwi’s and Brits have been gigging constantly since coming together in 2012.

The band describes themselves as ‘Distorted grooves. Dreamy nostalgia. Melody’ a particularly apt description.

The keyboard lines, drop to the minor chord progressions and triple reverb and delay vocals give this a dreamy, forlorn quality that is in perfect balance with the power pop guitar riff-age.

It’s alternative rock with a punk tinge and prog vocals. And it has a distinctive swagger.

I enjoyed it, you will too.

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